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Commonly Used Academic Essay Examples

Commonly Used Academic Essay ExamplesA few student 5 paragraph essay samples that stand out are using the world 'no' to emphasize on the statement 'I haven't changed at all'. The statement 'I haven't changed at all' can sound very formal and stiff, but this particular essay sample gives the impression of being honest and direct.Many academic essay samples include phrases like 'This happens frequently in the real world'. This gives the impression that the writer is on top of things, having done a lot of thinking and therefore the statement isn't as farfetched as it seems. There is an example of how using such a phrase could be quite helpful to your reader, while they read the essay and ponder over the issues that the writer is discussing.The use of figures in most academic essay samples is quite important, because they help express the thoughts of the writer. Most students will be familiar with a figure such as a percent. Using the figure like 'this happens frequently in the real worl d' helps keep the essay concise and tidy, while being able to define percentages. It also makes the paragraph easier to understand, since the written author is using simple words to explain something that most people already know.A lot of academic essay samples will be written in the third person, which is quite common with English writers. A good example of such an essay example is the third person example used in the style of Samuel Johnson. It was said that Samuel Johnson was one of the great philosophers of his time, because he often used the third person in his academic writing.There are many types of third-person examples, and one of the most common is the example from the essay-writing experts who use the third person in their style of writing. The second person is sometimes used in academic writings as well, because it helps to show the readers what has been written about, by the person that wrote it. Inall cases, the use of third person examples is a good way to express wha t has been said, without the writer having to write a long paragraph with descriptive words.Article titles should always contain the first word, in order to give the reader a quick overview of what the article will contain. It doesn't have to be one of the most lengthy titles in the essay. You will find many kinds of examples in student essay samples, but the best ones usually only contain the first two words, and it is up to the writer to make sure that they make the title interesting enough to stick in the reader's mind.A lot of writing samples will use passive voice, which can be quite annoying when it comes to following a specific structure. There are a few articles and essays that use such a voice, but the student essay examples that use the passive voice tend to stand out because of how well the sentences match up.When you have finished writing your essay, it's a good idea to edit it thoroughly to see if there are any problems. You might consider looking through the essay samp le and highlighting some parts that you would like to remove. Then, you will be able to spot them easily when you look at the finished product.

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Fashion, Fashion And Luxury Company - 1542 Words

Executive summary The number of people willing to spend capital on luxury goods is increasing around the world as global economic recovery takes place. Both the old and the young are relying on the internet for information due to increase in technology. Chanel is an established beauty, fashion and luxury company headquartered in France. The brand was founded by Coco Chanel who was famous for revolutionizing ladies’ fashion as well as introducing timeless elegance and style. The strength of the brand also lies in Karl Lagerfeld, a cult designer, who never fails to interest the management team and consumers in promoting and preserving the brand image and attuned to the needs and market trends of the consumer. Chanel brand will continue†¦show more content†¦Literature review The British Fashion Council (2014) indicates that the fashion industry’s aggregate contribution to the UK economy has increased to over forty six billion pounds since the year 2009. This reflects a percentage increase of 23%. The fashion industry makes remarkable contribution to the economy by indirectly supporting the chain industries and inducing the spending of its workers’ wage income. The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, agrees in entirety with the British Fashion Council by indicating that these figures prove the magnificent contribution that the fashion industry makes to the UK economy. The fashion brand industry’s development is attributed to the UK’s creative designers that give them a competitive advantage over the other designers across the world. Its value rises day by day as it invests in a variety of colleges to nurture the talents of its designers and hence contributing to the popularity of the UK’s fashion brand industry. Chanel uses a number of positioning strategies. First and foremost, it uses an extension pricing strategy under which it charges the same price in all its retailers. Channel sales all its products at top-scale prices. This enables it to maintain its image among its customer base as one that offers high quality products. This means that all the brands of Chanel are hardlyShow MoreRelatedHow Branding Influences Consumers Luxury Fashion Choices1530 Words   |  7 PagesPrada shoe? The following essay will discuss how branding influences consumers luxury fashion choices. Bain and Company (D’Arpizio et al, 2014) state that ’the market for personal luxury goods has nearly tripled in the past 20 years’ (p. 7), with the industry reflecting healthy growth by exceeding â‚ ¬850 billion in 2014 (p. 3). It is evident that luxury consumption is a thriving industry. Despite the fact that prices of luxury goods has risen over 60 percent in a decade, consumers are still choosing toRead MoreHow Branding Influences Consumers Luxury Fashion Choices1454 Words   |  6 PagesPrada shoe? The following essay will discuss how branding influences consumers luxury fashion choices. Bain and Company (D’Arpizio et al, 2014) state that the’ market for personal luxury goods has nearly tripled in the past 20 years’ (p. 7), with the industry reflecting healthy growth by exceeding â‚ ¬850 billion in 2014 (p. 3). It is evident that luxury consumption is a thriving industry. Despite the fact that prices of luxury goods has risen over 60 percent in a decade, consumers are still choosing toRead MoreLvmh Moet Hennessy And Louis Vuitton1022 Words   |  5 Pageshigh-quality luxury goods. The Group is a major player in five industry sectors: Wines Spirts (14% of 2013 revenue), Fashion Leather Goods (34%), Perfumes Cosmetics (13%), Watches Jewelry (9%), and Selective Retailing (30%) (LVMH Group, 2013). These sectors include over 70 world class companies (LVMH Group, 2015). The LVMH Group was created in 1987 after the merger of Moet Hennessy and Louis Vuitton. Over the past 28 years, LVMH has grown exponentially through acquisitions of luxury goods companiesRead MoreThe Fashion Of Elie Saab ( Es )1088 Words   |  5 Pagesindividuals seek new ways to differentiate themselves from those in their societies either by music, art and most of all fashion. Elie Saab(ES), a Lebanese fashion house established in Beirut has found a way to cater to the many cravings of individuals by creating and selling luxury fashion to the elites of the world. Beirut born owner and chairman Elie Saab first picked up an interest in fashion at the tender age of nine, making dresses for his sisters using his mother’s tablecloths as fabric. In 2010, Saab’sRead MoreThe Current Situation Of Customization Within The Fashion Industry1410 Words   |  6 Pagescustomization within the fashion industry and to discuss how this may effect the industry as whole in the future. By examining a range of recently written reports, aritcles and websites involving the customisation of fashion the report will briefly describe the history of modern fashion as a whole, the evololution of the consumer mindset towards customisation in fashion and the different types of customization in fashion today. the report will then consider the future of customized fashion and what it mayRead MoreGlobal Strategy High Fashion Fights Recession Essay1097 Words   |  5 Pages1 – High Fashion Fights Recession Consider the following question: 1. Using the Five Forces Framework, how would you characterize the competition in the luxury goods industry? 2. Why was discounting looked down upon by industry peers, all of which were differentiated or focus competitors? 3. What would be the likely challenges in emerging markets for luxury goods firms? OVERVIEW Pumping out fancy clothing, handbags, jewelry, perfumes, and watches, the high end of the fashion industry—otherwiseRead MoreFast Fashion Vs. Slow ( Luxury ) Fashion1291 Words   |  6 PagesContemporary Design Issues Stage One - Initial Research Essay Fast Fashion vs. Slow (Luxury) Fashion By Alanna Mitchell In 2014, Jean Paul Gaultier retired from his Ready-To-Wear line. In an interview with The Associated Press he said, Too many clothes kills clothes... Fashion has changed.† (1) This change that Gaultier is referring to is known as â€Å"Fast Fashion†. It is a phenomenon within the fashion industry that â€Å"has made its way into Australian consumers’ wardrobes over the past five years†Read MoreCoordinate Brick And Mortar And Online Platforms1722 Words   |  7 Pagesshe goes back online and orders it there. Today’s customers want to be able to move easily across channels with retail and product information at their disposal. In order to make the relationship between online and brick and mortar successful a company must invest in digital technologies, coordinate physical stores with online habits, and maintain the same personality online and in store (Hodson). Investing in digital technologies is mostly focused on smart phone apps that allow retailers to gainRead MoreLuxury Industry in France1655 Words   |  7 PagesLuxury industry in France    Luxury is artificial definition and cannot be easily transferred into real life. It is a notion of anything that is useless and superfluous in real life. However, it can be often associated with beauty (art, entertainment, design, dà ©cor or trend) and remains one of the driving forces behind society’s spending. It is true that luxury speaks and renown’s itself by big spending and indeed, outlandish expenditure is often associated with it. The world luxury market is worthRead MoreCase Study : Coach Inc.1748 Words   |  7 Pageswill assess Coach Inc. and its strategy in the accessible luxury brand goods market. The coach strategy focuses on its luxury rivals in matching key quality styles while offering it at a cheaper price. The company offers most products at a 50% off discount price less than other brands which gives them a competitive advantage pertaining to its customer base. Coach marketed its products to middle –income consumers desiring taste of luxury, but also affluent and wealthy consumers with means to spend

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How Did The Odessa Steps Sequence Influence The Theory Of...

Kal Bur How did The Odessa Steps sequence influence the theory of montage in film? The Battleship Potemkin, is a soviet film directed by Sergei Eisenstein in 1925. Sergei Eisenstein was a brief student at The Kuleshov Workshop, which was a class run by Soviet filmmaker, Lev Kuleshov at the Moscow Film School. The school was established in 1919, and is the world’s first film school. The Kuleshov Workshop explored the effects of juxtaposition in film, and how sequential shots convey a specific meaning. Kuleshov and his students analyzed many films for research, and one of them in particular was the most influential film in Russia during 1916, Intolerance directed by D. W. Griffith. A whole year later in 1920, the Kuleshov effect was found, and its theory was to identify how the order of images can change an audience’s perception. ‘Kuleshov discovered that depending on how shots are assembled the audience will attach a specific meaning or emotion to it’ (The Kuleshov Experiment, 2016). Alfred Hitchcock’s 1960 film Psycho is an example of this trope, as the audience’s comprehension of the shower scene is predominantly psychological, and is determined by the ordering of images and sound, not the actual content. After the success of Sergei Eisenstein’s first full length feature film, Strike in 1920, he was commissioned by the Soviet government to make a film commemorating the historical uprising of the revolution in 1905,Show MoreRelatedClassical Movie Theories And Realism1433 Words   |  6 PagesOption 2 Classical film theories are generally divided into two main camps. They have been categorized as Formalism and Realism. The formalist approach looks at the structure and form of the film. It analyzes the method by which the story materializes and how it forces the viewer to react based on the way it is presented. It incorporates character development, photographic composition, camera movement, set design, editing, etc. to that end. The realist approach scrutinizes how a film represents â€Å"realityRead MoreUnique Characteristics of Soviet Montage5818 Words   |  24 PagesSoviet Montage Unique Characteristics of Soviet Montage Unlike Montage where by a combination  series of short shots are edited into a sequence to condense space, time, and information, Soviet Montage on the other hand is a style of filmmaking that is evolved to immerse the audience in a story and disguise technique was turned upside down in order to create the opposite emotional effect to bring the audience to the edge of their seat, and in the case of the Odessa Steps sequence, to push the viewerRead MoreUnique Characteristics of Soviet Montage5818 Words   |  24 PagesSoviet Montage Unique Characteristics of Soviet Montage Unlike Montage where by a combination  series of short shots are edited into a sequence to condense space, time, and information, Soviet Montage on the other hand is a style of filmmaking that is evolved to immerse the audience in a story and disguise technique was turned upside down in order to create the opposite emotional effect to bring the audience to the edge of their seat, and in the case of the Odessa Steps sequence, to push the viewer

Train Accident in the UK for Risk Management -myassignmenthelp

Question: Discuss about theTrain Accident in the UK for Risk Management Systems. Answer: Hazards and risks are part and parcel of everyday living both at the workplace and in the private space. Hazards can be defined as conditions that have the potential to cause illness, injury and deaths. It can also end up with damage of goods and equipment and disrupt operations. Risk can broadly be defined as the probability that hazard will occur and cause injury. Workplaces are replete with hazards which are attendant with operations of production. Risk and safety management can therefore refer to the sets of processes that are used in formulating and implementing actions to mitigate hazards that are identified. The safety and risk management are dependent on the state legislation and policies that govern the Occupational Health and Safety Plan of each country. The risk and safety policies on train accidents in the UK works under directives set by the EU and transposed into law in the UK. Background on Train Risk and Safety Management in UK The European Union (EU) policy framework on occupational safety and health (2014-2020) provides the basic framework which has been legislated into law in the UK (EUR-Lex, 2017). The policy defines rules and structures on occupational risks, prevention and safer work environment promotion. The EU further sets out specific regulations that govern the risk and safety management of train operations amongst all member states. Regulation 2016/796 of the European Agency for Railways (ERA) states that guaranteeing high levels of railway transport are part of its core mandate (Biennial Report, 2016, p.1). The agency works with Member states and industry stakeholders in monitoring performance in safety in a multidimensional approach to safety (Kozuch, Sienkiewicz-Malyjurek, 2017). Data collected is shared with the National Safety Authorities and investigative bodies of each member state. In the UK the office of Rail and Road is tasked with giving oversight to the railway sector. Health and safety issues are comprehensively addressed by this office (ORR, 2017). Passenger safety information such as gaps on platforms and stepping distances are provided. Statistics and data are also available on signals, rolling stock, level crossings, train protection and crime. Under the 1974 Health and Safety at Work, investigative and enforcement authority was conferred to this office (ORR, 2017).This aims to ensure that safety is undertaken as a multi-disciplinary approach (Crutchfield Roughton, 2013, p. 3).Occupational health guidance and advice to railway stakeholders is also given. Strategy and guidance on railway operations are also set out by this office. This agency is also tasked with giving annual reports on safety and health performance on Britains Railway. Train Accident- Grimston Lane footpath crossing February 2016 The information on the train accident was retrieved from a report given by the Rail Accident Investigation Branch (RAIB). A pedestrian was struck and killed by a train while crossing the Lane footpath level crossing in Suffolk (Trimley). The accident happened on Tuesday at 12:19 hours and involved a train traveling from Ipswich whose destination was Felixstowe. According to the report, the pedestrian acknowledged hearing the train horn signal by raising his arm. The accident was caused probably by misjudging the time he needed to cross before the train reached him. He could also have misjudged the time that the train would take to reach him (Romanowska, Jamroz, Kustra, 2017).Another assumption that was posited is that he may not have been able to clearly see the train before deciding to cross. He could also not be aware of the train because of the misalignment of the crossing. The victim was 82 year old Stanley Sawyer and is classified as vulnerable users by the Network Rails guidelines (RAIB, 2016, p.14). The victim had was under medication for dementia which had been diagnosed earlier. The crossing which the deceased use was skewed and did not cross the railway line at an angle of 90 degrees. This increased marginally the length of the path across the railway and may have contributed to this fatality. It would have necessitated the pedestrian to look over their shoulder before making the crossing. This particular crossing may be more difficult for persons who are elderly to use. Mr. Sawyer was known to have regularly crossed the railway in the past while using a walking stick (RAIB, 2016, p.14). This was due to a problem with his left leg which required the use of a walking aid. On this particular day, he was not use it and this could have contributed to the accident. Safety Breaches The UK is known to have one of the safest records in usage of trains in Europe (Data Blog, 2016). The main safety breach can be attributed to the failure Network Rail not to make allowance for vulnerable users who regularly make level crossings. Network Rail owns the railway infrastructure in this particular area of operation. Vulnerable users have been shown to account for more than 60% of fatalities witnessed in similar level crossings. These vulnerable users require more time than the standard allowance provided by Network Rail. The current allowance for traverse speed is 0.75 m/s while the victim was crossing the railway at 05 m/s (RAIB, 2016, p.29).The skew of the railway crossing also contributed to the fatality as it did not avail to him the best position to view the incoming train. This may have contributed to the miscalculation he may have made in the time needed to traverse the crossing. Level crossing accident account for 26% of all train accidents in the EU (Biennial Report, 2016, p.31). Passive level crossings account for 47% of all level crossings in the EU (Biennial Report, 2016, p.54). This particular crossing in the UK falls under this category which significantly contributes to accidents. The lack of active level crossing (LC) mechanisms such as automatic user warning and protection could have contributed to the fatality of Mr. Sawyer. Additional measures such as an active LC with rail-side protection could have significantly reduced the probability of the accident resulting in a fatality (Yan, Gao, Tang Zhou, 2017). Network Rail failed on two levels of level crossing management: level crossing management and asset inspection. The risk assessment consists of collecting data on level crossings with regards to the use, condition and environment. This is then followed by making recommendations after analyzing the data and improvements can then be made. The asset inspection involves regular inspections which identify defects and appropriate rectification is undertaken ( Hopkins, 2014) The last risk assessment and asset inspection undertaken in 2015 availed a number of control options that would have significantly eradicated the risk and improved safety at the crossing (RAIB, 2016, p. 19). None of the following options was implemented: installation of miniature standard stop lights or overlay stop lights and replacing the skewed timber deck with rubber decking which was straight. These breaches in risk assessment and safety management by Network Rail contributed to the fatal accident at Grimston level crossing. The above recommendations were instead seen as long-term options for the future. Recommendations, Policy change and Implementation. RAIB made several recommendations following the investigation into the accident that occurred at Grimston. The train and infrastructure owner and operator were tasked with identifying the effects of the skewed level crossing on behavior of the users (RAIB, 2016, p.36). The effects should be identified in relation to the passivity of the crossing and include the sightings by users of the approaching train. The operator should also undertake a review of its internal processes on level crossing risk management (Hopkins, 2014). This should incorporate all risks management on level crossings and the effect of the skewed alignment. Recommendations should be made operational with level crossing managers who should be given the new appropriate training. Network Rail developed a new long-term policy framework titled Transforming Level Crossings. The operator proposes to highlight the decking across the railway with markings which show the crossings as danger zones by 2025 (RAIB, 2016, p.35). This will help pedestrians to make the decision to cross after sufficiently assessing that it is safe to do so. The second policy action that was planned is to automate the level crossing systems by the year 2039. This will transform the current passive crossings to become active in status (Hongwen Yuguang, 2014). Network Rail also advised RAIB that it would allow some allowance for vulnerable users based on professional judgment. Bantry Montgomery (2016) state that this would factor in the aging population some of whom suffered from dementia related conditions. Following a report authored by ORR on the level crossing, Network Rail undertook some measures to remedy the problem. This was based on hazard identification, control and monitoring of outcomes undertaken (Khan, Rathnayaka Ahmed, 2015, p.124) Vegetation which was redundant and obscured sighting of the approaching train was removed (RAIB, 2016, p.34).The same applied to structures which also contributed to reducing visibility of the incoming train at Thorpe Lane. This helped in improving the visibility of the trains using the Grimston level crossing. Paths that approach the level crossing have also been fenced. The skewed timber deck across the deck was also replaced with rubber decking. The alignment was changed to make the crossing to be perpendicular to the track. This eliminated the skewed alignment and shortened the crossing time. Hazards and risks are a common occurrence in most workplaces. Mitigating the hazards calls for plan which incorporates risk and safety features. The risk and safety management within the UK on train operations is based on European standards. The policy framework postulated is transposed into national laws and regulations. The train accident which occurred at Grimston was the result of breaches in safety and risk management. The investigation that followed identified gaps in the risk assessment and asset management process. Recommendations that were made and implemented helped in eliminating the hazard that was identified. The new policy framework adopted projects to eliminate more potential risks in the future in the risk and safety management plan. References Bantry, W, E., Montgomery, P. (2016). Supporting people with dementia to walkabout safely outdoors: development of a structured model of assessment. Health Social Care In The Community, 24(4), 473-484. doi:10.1111/hsc.12226 Biennial Report. (2016). Railway Safety Performance in the European Union. European Union Agency for Railway Safety. Retrieved from Crutchfield, N., Roughton, J. E. (2013). Safety Culture : An Innovative Leadership Approach. Oxford: Butterworth-Heinemann. Data Blog. (2016). How Safe are Europes railways? The Guardian. Retrieved from EUR-Lex. (2017). Access to European Union Law. Europa.EU. Retrieved from Hongwen, G., Yuguang, W. (2014). Study on the Safety Management System of High-Speed Railway. Applied Mechanics Materials, 744-7461838. doiKo?uch, B., Sienkiewicz-Ma?yjurek, K. (2017). Multidimensionality of Risk in Public Safety Management Processes. Risk Management In Public Administration, 115. doi:10.1007/978-3-319-30877-7_5:10.4028/ Hopkins, A.(2014). Safety culture and Risk. Wolters Kluwer. Khan, F., Rathnayaka, S., Ahmed, S. (2015). Methods and models in process safety and risk management: Past, present and future. Process Safety Environmental Protection: Transactions of the Institution of Chemical Engineers Part B, 98(Part B), 116-147. doi:10.1016/j.psep.2015.07.005 ORR. (2017). Health and Safety. Gov.UK. Retrieved from RAIB. (2016). Accident Report. Gov.UK. Retrieved from Romanowska, A., Jamroz, K., Kustra, W. (2017). Pedestrian safety management using the risk-based approach. MATEC Web of Conferences, 1401. doi:10.1051/matecconf/201712201007 Yan, F., Gao, C., Tang, T., Zhou, Y. (2017). A Safety Management and Signaling System Integration Method for Communication-Based Train Control System. Urban Rail Transit, 3(2), 90. doi: 10.1007/s40864-017-0051-7

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Romeo and Juliet Coursework Essay Example

Romeo and Juliet Coursework Essay What have you learnt about characters of Mercutio and Tybalt? As director of the play what instructions would you give to the actors undertaking the roles of Mercutio and Tybalt?In this play Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare, the characters of Tybalt and Mercutio are crucial to the outcome of the play. Tybalt, a Capulet and Mercutio, a Montague have similar characteristics; they are both take pride in honouring, respecting and protecting their households.The essay will cover the exact importance of the characters Mercutio and Tybalt. Additionally it will focus on how a director would instruct the actors that are undertaking there role.In the play Mercutio is a good friend to Romeo and a very loyal to his family. His character in Romeo and Juliet is a humorous, taunting and brave character. Shakespeare chose the name Mercutio for a reason, to shoe is his name what his character is like. Has his name suggest to people at the start of the play. Mercutio comes from the word Mercuri al, which means, eloquent (to the point), active and Changeable.Mercutio has a lot of pride, he has a reputation to uphold in the play. This is shown mainly in one part of the play ,Act 1 Scene 1. He takes on the invitation to fight, by Tybalt, because Romeo declined.O calm, dishonourable vile submission! alla stoccate carries it away. Tybalt you rat-catcher will you walkThroughout the scene when Romeo declines to fight with Tybalt, because he doesnt want to ruin his relationship with Juliet. Mercutio uses the words alla stoccate meaning rapier thrust which is Tybalts nickname. Mercutio is continuously mounting his rage until he can hold it no more. vile submission. Mercutio fights Tybalt because he thinks it is cowardly and dishonourable towards his house, also it will stain their reputation. He takes the fight for Romeo. He shows a lot of loyalty and respect for Romeo. To uphold his reputation he makes fun of Tybalt when he takes up the fight.Tybalt you rat-catcher will you walkMe rcutio refers to him as a rat-catcher; he does this to take advantage of his name. In the Elizabethan times people would often refer to a cat as a Tyb. So he calls Tybalt a rat-catcher because he has the Victorian word for cat in his name. (Cats catch rats and mouse)After the fight in the play again Mercutio shows his is very cautious of his reputation and what other people think about him. He keeps up his bravery and humourNo tis not so deep as a well, nor so wide as a church door.Mercutio made Romeo and Benvolio think that he was alright, even though he knew he was not. He tries to show no fear of dying as in the Elizabethan times it was considered cowardly. You would also think that he was brave. In this scene, he showed no fear to his friends. In the speech he also says a villain, that fights by the book of arithmetic he is saying a servant that plays by the rule book. In a way he is complimenting him. But also in the Elizabethan times they refer to villains as servants, he is s till keeping up his reputation by having one last jab at him, calling him a servant. Another section of the play Mercutio shows his bravery. Just after Mercutio is me into some house Benvolio, or I will faint. A plague a both your houses! They have made worms meat of me. I have it and soundly too, your houses.He asks Benvolio to help me into some house Benvolio, or I shall faint because it was looked upon as brave in the Elizabethan times. It would stain his reputation if he fainted in front of the public. When he finds out Romeos lame excuse for why he wouldnt fight he said,a plague a both your houses!This shows what he thinks of the two houses. He also says they have made worms meat of me in a way the houses have. Tybalt killed him, he will be buried and in the end he will decompose. Mercutio was really brave in this scene because he wasnt afraid to die, he didnt let the others know he was hurt. Also Shakespeare show another characteristic of Mercutio, humoured. Mercu tio was joking about being stabbed to the point that his friends Romeo and Benvolio didnt think he was too badly hurt. Mercutio says to RomeoAy, ay, a scratch, a scratch, marry, tis enoughShakespeare did this to show that the character believes that his reputation and the respect he has from other people it worth covering a fatal stab wound. So he jokes about his death, he tries to hint to Benvolio and Romeo. ask for me tomorrow and I will be a grave man meaning I will be in a grave tomorrow and fetch me a surgeon he said this sarcastically, but he really meant it. Also after the stabbing he says i am sped sped means done for, killed.Again Shakespeare show his humour when he tells his story or dream of Queen Mab. Within the story he shows his a lot of imagination, but in the end how serious and over the top he can be. The start of his speech he starts of as a humorous tale, he shows he is the ring leader, everyone is listening to him. Then slowly it starts to get very serious up to the end. Mercutio get himself worked up. This relates back to his characternym, he is a mercurial person. One of the definitions is fast changing; he can easily change from one mood to another. Mercutio could become out of control, he could slip in the madness. Also Shakespeare uses imagery in Mercutios speech.Another scene where William Shakespeare shows Mercutios humour and leadership, is when Juliets Nurse desire some confidence with Romeo. When the Nurse come on the scene, Mercutio starts making fun of her.good peter, to hide her face for her fans the fairer faceHe can do this because he is higher in authority than the nurse. Also to the nurse he shows Mercutio as being very taunting provoking to the nurse, in a way being a bully.A sail! A sail! farewell, ancient lady, farewell ladyHe insults the way she looks and the way she dresses, this taunts people. Taunt meaning wound, jeering or mocking them. The nurse doesnt retaliate because of their positions. He doesnt just taunt the Nurse, he also taunts Tybalt in act 3 scene 1. He answers back to Tybalt when he asks to consort with Romeo.consort? What do thou make us minstrels?.Mercutio says what do thou make us minstrels meaning dose that make use hired musicians. Minstrels are hired musicians. Mercutio shows Mercutios dislike for Tybalt by using slang word zounds. Zounds means by Christs wounds it is an oath. Also the constant mocking of him.Tybalt is the cousin to Juliet, a nephew of lord and lady Capulet and also became a relative of Romeo (When Romeo married Juliet). Neither the less he still has a hatred for the Montagues. Tybalt has a very destructive character. He is aggressive and insulting towards others. He is very competitive, he was his revenge. Also he is very commanding towards others that are lower ranking that him. He is quite the opposite of Mercutio. His aggression shows his aggression towards different people throughout the play, in this case to Romeo.A villain that is hither come is spite, to scam at our solemnity this night.He is saying a slave as come to gate crash, spoil our party. This shows he is ready to fight anyone. He is very competitive and he finds it an insult that Romeo has come on to his grounds. In the Victorian times solemnity is a celebration.Because he is a Capulet he shows a great deal of aggression towards the montages. His aggression aThe main pert for Tybalt character, to express his aggression he uses certain word techniques.I hate the word as I hate hell, all Montagues and theeThe reputation of the word hate shows his aggression towards the Montagues. He uses a religious insult I hate hell the Elizabethans where highly religious and will have really insulter them. Also using hell and Montagues in the same sentence in an insult towards the Montagues. Here he is speaking in verse here. When Tybalt speaks in verse he is usually insult or commanding people.He uses insults quiets a lot in Romeo and Juliet, this is one of the similarities between th e two characters of Mercutio and Tybalt. They both have an insulting character. Tybalt uses insults against Benvolio and the Capulets. When they are getting in to a fight in Act 1 Scene 1.what, art thou drawn among these heartless hinds? Turn thee, Benvolio, look upon thy deathTybalt is saying why are you fighting with these servants? Fight with me. Tybalt insults the Capulet servants by calling them heartless hinds. He also commands Benvolio to fight with him as if he was a servant of Tybalts tune thee Benvolio, look upon thy death he all insults Benvolio later on in the scene have thee a coward Tybalt is also a proswasive character. He persuaded Benvolio to fight when he was there at the beginning of the scene to make peace between the two families.Like in this scene Shakespeare displays another characteristic of Tybalt. Tybalt is very commanding. He bosses people around, he likes to be in change and the leader. In act 1 scene 5, when Romeo and his friends are at the Capulets part y. As Tybalt like to be in change, as soon as he sees Romeo he says.Fetch me my rapier boyIn the Elizabethan times a rapier is a sword. His calls his servant a boy again. He calls people boy to some he is higher in command and that he is in charge. Also he commands his servant to do this fetch me. Tybalt is always willing to humiliate people in front of others. An example is Romeo in this scene. Tybalt was ready to have a fight with the hold party looking and rowans the evening just to thought out and show up Romeo.Following this fight between Tybalt and his uncle, Shakespeare shows that Tybalt can be retributive. If something doesnt go his way then he is always looking for revenge. In this case because he wasnt allowed to put Romeo strait then he sets himself a task to have a rematch with him at a later date.I will withdraw, but this intrusion shall, now seem sweet, convert to bitt,rest gall.In the play gall means poison. He is using positive words, he is promising that he will get his revenge.Mercutio had to die in the play because he was a loved character he would have made it in to a comedy. But with his death it made it in to a tragedy. Also we know how close Mercutio and Romeo are to each other, so when Mercutio dies you know that Romeo will go to looking for Tybalt to avenge Mercutios death. Mercutios character was the perfect gentleman; in the Elizabethan times they thought a perfect gentlemen was a mix of bravery and interagency or soldier slash scholar. Tybalt wasnt the perfect gentlemen because he showed no bravery or intelligence, all he wanted was a fight. William Shakespeare added Tybalt in to the play because he needed the character, to keep the two families apart and when he dies he ensures that more deaths will follow him.After the fight the characters Prince and Benvolio where talking about what happened. Benvolio described Tybalt character as deaf to peace meaning he doesnt want anything to do with peace, he just wants to fight. Earlier on i n the play Benvolio also describes him as fiery meaning hot-tempered, angry etc.Mercutio is a funny, a comedy character. Then you have Benvolio who is a serious quite peaceful character. Mercutio in that play was an active lover he has no time for romance, he thinks that it is stupid. On the other hand you have Romeo who is a romantic lover.Tybalt represents the ugliness under the surface of the divided houses. He is aggressive, vindictive, and hot tempered. In contrast to him to have Mercutio, who is laid back, funny and happy. He is the opposite. There is only one thing that all the characters have in common they are represent there pride and their reputation. When Benvolio was called a coward by Tybalt they started to fight because they didnt what to rowan there reputation. When Mercutio is fighting Tybalt he is doing it to keep a clean reputation. Also this is to save Romeos pride because Romeo would not fight.The characters in the play represent ether love or hate, for example Capulets Hate and Montagues love, Tybalt hate and Mercutio love, Juliet hate and Romeo love. They all have there opposites in the play.In the character there are there similarities and there are their differences, but they were all in the play for a reason. Mercutio way to add comedy in to the play and to turn the play in to a tragedy. Tybalt was to keep the two houses apart at to make certain that Romeo and Juliet will die. Benvolio was to try and keep the peace between the two houses.In the Elizabethan times, Shakespeare had to show his characters through action, movement, and body language. Indeed the majority of Shakespeares ordinances were illiterate.Act 3 scene 1 becomes a turning point in the play, as Mercutio and Tybalt die. If I was to direct Tybalt in the above scene he would enter in a strong and powerful manner, to reveal his centice of self importance.Follow me close, for I will speak to them. Gentlemen, good den, a word with one of youTybalt uses declatives to emphasis e what he is doing. I would have Tybalt ender up stage from Mercutio and Benvolio to high light his self importance. As an ordinance we know that he isnt higher statues that Mercutio and Benvolio, however in his own mind he is. He is very egotistic, this links with his pride of looking out for the Capulet house hold.As the scene progresses Tybalts aggression increases. As the director I would increase Tybalts volume as he saysboy, this shall not excuse the injure that thou hast done me, therefore turn and draw.Adituanly Shakespeare uses enjambment which indicates a quicken in the pace, and tension in this scene. Equally by using the word boy Tybalt placates Romeo, much to the disgust of Mercutio.Later on in the scene Mercutio, decides he would fight Tybalt for Romeo, he shoutsO calm, dishonourable, vile submission!Shakespeare uses a oxymoron calm, dishonourable because an oxymoron is two work that are next to each other, but contradict each other. As director i would place Mercutio on the front, centre of the stage. He would shout his lines, so that he is the centre of attention. Then Mercutio would stare at Tybalt, to show that his is serious and meaningful. He would stare into his eyes and say,Tybalt you rat-catcher, will you talkMercutio would say and last bit and this line slower that the first, this shows that Mercutio means business.Soon after in the scene Mercutio is stabbed his keeps a brave face, shows no emotion, fear or pain on his face, Has he says,no, tis not so deep as a well, nor so wide as a church door, but tis enough.Mercutio would be cupping his side where the wound is and try to straighten up. He would try to keep the pain out of his face. He would try to walk away from Romeo and Benvolio, but adds a slit limp to one side. The actor should try to show some pain but not too much. He would say his lines slowly also with a low said voice. When he says but tis enough he should trail away to a whisper. The actor should take the volume for his ne xt line up Ask for me tomorrow, and you shall find me a grave man. This is to show his humour and so everyone can hear his joke. Maybe add a little laugh at the end of his line. He would start to should at the others; he would stare at the one his was referring to for example. a villain, that fights by the book of arithmetic he would stare at Tybalt and i was hurt under your arm he would stare at Romeo.

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Radon Chemical and Physical Properties

Radon Chemical and Physical Properties Atomic Number: 86 Symbol: Rn Atomic Weight: 222.0176 Discovery: Fredrich Ernst Dorn 1898 or 1900 (Germany), discovered the element and called it radium emanation. Ramsay and Gray isolated the element in 1908 and named it niton. Electron Configuration: [Xe] 4f14 5d10 6s2 6p6 Word Origin: from radium. Radon was once called niton, from the Latin word nitens, which means shining Isotopes: At least 34 isotopes of radon are known ranging from Rn-195 to Rn-228. There are no stable isotopes of radon. The isotope radon-222 is the most stable isotope and called thoron and emanates naturally from thorium. Thoron is an alpha-emitter with a half-life of 3.8232 days. Radon-219 is called actinon and emanates from actinium. It is an alpha-emitter with a half-life of 3.96 sec. Properties: Radon has a melting point of -71Â °C, boiling point of -61.8 Â °C, gas density of 9.73 g/l, specific gravity of the liquid state of 4.4 at -62Â °C, specific gravity of the solid state of 4, usually with a valence of 0 (it does form some compounds, however, such as radon fluoride). Radon is a colorless gas at normal temperatures. It is also the heaviest of the gases. When it is cooled below its freezing point it displays a brilliant phosphorescence. The phosphorescence is yellow as the temperature is lowered, becoming orange-red at the temperature of liquid air. Inhalation of radon presents a health risk. Radon build-up is a health consideration when working with radium, thorium, or actinium. It is also a potential issue in uranium mines. Sources: It is estimated that each square mile of soil to a depth of 6 inches contains approximately 1 g of radium, which releases radon to the atmosphere. The average concentration of radon is about 1 sextillion parts of air. Radon naturally occurs in some spring waters. Element Classification: Inert Gas Physical Data Density (g/cc): 4.4 ( -62Â °C) Melting Point (K): 202 Boiling Point (K): 211.4 Appearance: heavy radioactive gas Specific Heat (20Â °C J/g mol): 0.094 Evaporation Heat (kJ/mol): 18.1 First Ionizing Energy (kJ/mol): 1036.5 Lattice Structure: Face-Centered Cubic CAS Registry Number: 10043-92-2 Trivia Ernest Rutherford is sometimes credited with the discovery of radon. He actually discovered the alpha particle radiation given off by radon.Radon became the official name for element 86 in 1923. The IUPAC chose radon from the names radon (Rn), thoron (Tn) and actinon (An). The other two names are given to isotopes of radon. Thoron is Rn-220 and actinon became Rn-219.Other suggested names for radon included radium emanation, niton, extadio, exthorio, exactinio, akton, radeon, thoreon and actineon.The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency lists radon as the second highest cause of lung cancer. References Los Alamos National Laboratory (2001)Crescent Chemical Company (2001)Langes Handbook of Chemistry (1952)CRC Handbook of Chemistry Physics (18th Ed)International Atomic Energy Agency ENSDF database (Oct 2010)

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Negro Baseball League Timeline

Negro Baseball League Timeline The Negro Baseball Leagues were professional leagues in the United States for players of African descent. At its height of popularity- from 1920 through World War II- Negro  Baseball Leagues were an integral part of African-American life and culture during the Jim Crow Era.   1859: The first documented baseball game between two African-American teams is played on November 15 in New York City. The Henson Baseball Club of Queens played the Unknowns of Brooklyn. The Henson Baseball Club defeated the Unknowns, 54 to 43. 1885: The first African-American professional team is founded in Babylon, NY. They are named the Cuban Giants. 1887: The National Colored Baseball League is established, becoming the first professional African-American league. The league begins with eight teams- the Lord Baltimores, Resolutes, Browns, Falls City, Gorhams, Pythians, Pittsburgh Keystones, and the Capital City Club. However, within two weeks the National Colored Baseball League will cancel games as a result of poor attendance. 1890: The International League bans African-American players, which will last until 1946. 1896:  The Page Fence Giants club is established by Bud Fowler. The club is considered one of the best teams in early African-American baseball history because players toured in their own railroad car and played against major league teams such as the Cincinnati Reds. 1896: The United States Supreme Court upholds Louisianas separate but equal laws concerning public facilities. This decision affirms racial segregation, de facto segregation, and prejudice throughout the United States. 1896: The Page Fence Giants and Cuban Giants play a national championship. The Page Fence Club wins 10 out of 15 games. 1920: At the height of the Great Migration, Andrew Rube Foster, owner of the Chicago American Giants organizes a meeting with all the Midwest team owners in Kansas City. As a result, the Negro National League is established. 1920: On May 20, the Negro National League begins its first season with seven teamsthe Chicago American Giants, Chicago Giants, Dayton Marcos, Detroit Stars, Indianapolis ABCs, Kansas City Monarchs and Cuban Stars. This marks the beginning of the Golden Era of Negro Baseball. 1920: The Negro Southern League is established. The league includes cities such as Atlanta, Nashville, Birmingham, Memphis, New Orleans, and Chattanooga. 1923: The Eastern Colored League is established by Ed Bolden, owner of the Hilldale Club, and Nat Strong, owner of the Brooklyn Royal Giants. The Eastern Colored League consists of the following six teams: Brooklyn Royal Giants, Hilldale Club, Bacharach Giants, Lincoln Giants, Baltimore Black Sox, and the Cuban Stars. 1924: The Kansas City Monarchs of the Negro National League and the Hilldale Club of the Eastern Colored League play in the first Negro World Series. The Kansas City Monarchs win the championship five games to four. 1927 - 1928: The Eastern Colored League faces many conflicts between various club owners. In 1927, New Yorks Lincoln Giants left the league. Although the Lincoln Giants returned in the following season, several other teams including the Hilldale Club, Brooklyn Royal Giants, and Harrisburg Giants all left the league. In 1928, the Philadelphia Tigers were brought into the league. Despite several attempts, the League disbands in June of 1928 over player contracts. 1928: The American Negro League is developed and includes the Baltimore Black Sox, Lincoln Giants, Homestead Grays, Hilldale Club, Bacharach Giants, and the Cuban Giants. Many of these teams were members of the Eastern Colored League. 1929: The stock market crashes, placing financial strains on many facets of American life and business, including Negro League baseball as ticket sales slump. 1930: Foster, founder of the Negro National League dies. 1930: The Kansas City Monarchs end their ties with the Negro National League and become an independent team. 1931: The Negro National League disbands after the 1931 season as a result of financial strains. 1932: The Negro Southern League becomes the only major African-American baseball league operating. Once considered less lucrative than other leagues, the Negro Southern League is able to begin the season with five teams including the Chicago American Giants, Cleveland Cubs, Detroit Stars, Indianapolis ABCs, and Louisville White Sox. 1933: Gus Greenlee, a business owner from Pittsburgh forms the new Negro National League. Its first season begins with seven teams. 1933: The inaugural East-West Colored All-Star Game is played at Comiskey Park in Chicago. An estimate 20,000 fans attend and the West wins, 11-7. 1937: The Negro American League is established, uniting the strongest teams on the West Coast and south. These teams included the Kansas City Monarchs, Chicago American Giants, Cincinnati Tigers, Memphis Red Sox, Detroit Stars, Birmingham Black Barons, Indianapolis Athletics, and St. Louis Stars. 1937: Josh Gibson and Buck Leonard help the Homestead Grays begin its nine-year streak as champions of the Negro National League. 1946: Jackie Robinson, a player for the Kansas City Monarchs, is signed by the Brooklyn Dodgers organization. He plays with the Montreal Royals and becomes the first African-American to play in the International League in more than sixty years. 1947: Robinson becomes the first African-American player in major league baseball by joining the Brooklyn Dodgers. He wins National League Rookie of the Year. 1947: Larry Doby becomes the first African-American player in the American League when he joins the Cleveland Indians. 1948: The Negro National League disbands. 1949: The Negro American League is the only major African-American league still playing. 1952: More than 150 African-American baseball players, most from the Negro Leagues, have been signed to Major League Baseball. With low ticket sales and a lack of good players, the era of African-American baseball comes to an end.